Brown Girl Rise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving the greater Portland area. Together, we are a radical sisterhood of girls and non-binary youth of the global majority* reclaiming their connection to body, community, land, health, and creativity to cultivate a just future where we rise together.

A lot of us who work with youth in BGR do so because we wish we had this program growing up.
— Dani Madley, BGR Coordinator


Backstory behind our logo

When creating our logo, Brown Girl Rise wanted something to represent the BIPOC community and the radiance of our youth comrades.

This journey began with our leadership team reaching out to local BIPOC artists to design a logo that would best represent us.

After several commissions and mock-ups nothing felt like the right fit.

Company Logo - Brown Girl Rise.jpg
Eliza Butler BGR participant & logo designer

Eliza Butler - Web Page
BGR participant & logo designer

That was until we reached out to Eliza Butler, a BGR participant who has been in the program since its beginning.

In one night, Eliza was able to create a logo design that not only blew us away but perfectly embodied everything we had been looking for in a BGR logo.

She even used her own hand as the model for the fist that is the central image within our logo.