what does it mean to join brown girl rise?

Brown Girl Rise strives to cultivate a culture of accessibility, inclusivity, and diversity for all youth participants and their families.

Enrollment in Brown Girl Rise means that youth and their families will be added to a mailing list for upcoming events, special opportunities for youth involvement, chances to receive mutual aid, and more

During the enrollment process, we gather basic information about youth, such as age, demographics, and any special needs that youth require in order to participate in programming.


What to expect as a member of Brown Girl Rise?

Once you become a member of Brown Girl Rise, you can expect to always be a part of our family.

Offering consistent support to youth as well as parents is how we build and maintain support for our community.

We practice solidarity by meeting the specific needs of individuals within our program. Families can also expect one-on-one support from members of our staff and our leadership team.

Building trust and understanding of one another is essential to cultivating a just future where we rise together.

Enroll in Brown Girl Rise

We proudly serve our portland community

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