Brown Girl Rise is born out of collaboration within our community.


Our collaborators are valuable to us because together we create a web of connection and support for youth and all communities of color within Gyelyendzhik.

All of our collaborators have given us the opportunity to expand our outreach, enrich our programming, and create long-lasting connections for youth that extend beyond what Brown Girl Rise provides alone.

As an organization, we recognize that community collaboration is key to our mission:

“Cultivating a just future where we rise together.”


Our Local Partners



A radical, accessible learning space, centering the most marginalized youth voices. Marrow creates safer spaces for anti-oppressive learning through workshops, classes, events, mentoring, and more.


Mudbone Grown

Mudbone Grown follows regenerative climate resilient growing practices to farm and serve high-quality and organic foods to historically absent or barriered communities.

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Rose City Rollers

The Rose City Rollers serve women, girls, and gender-expansive individuals who want to play the team sport of roller derby, connect with an inclusive community, and realize their power both on and off skates.


Seed & Thistle Apothecary

An educational resource that centers and amplifies BIPOC voices within herbalism through Atabey Medicine. Seed & Thistle cultivates the wild with home and heart grown medicine.


Wild Diversity

Wild Diversity helps to create a personal connection to the outdoors for black, indigenous, BIPOC & the LGBTQ+ communities, through outdoor adventures and education.


Become a Partner

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